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  • "Wah wah" -- Corey Lewandowski mocks ten-year-old girl with Down Syndrome being taken from her mother

    Ah, so this is were we are now: Trump's campaign manager can finally let his psychopath flag fly without fear of universal and permanent censure.

  • 'Shame!' DHS Sec. Nielsen shouted down at Mexican restaurant, exits to loud protests

    She picks a Mexican restaurant. The irony is not lost on anyone.

  • 'Mister President, don’t you have kids!'

    As Donald Trump and Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen walk by, Rep. Juan Vargas shouts, 'Mister President, don’t you have kids!' (more…)

  • 'Family detention' existed under Obama, too. But systematically separating kids is all new.

    THE LOWDOWN: Here's an immigration lawyer's first-hand account of confronting former President Barack Obama on family detention centers. Trump's a monster, but failings of previous administrations paved the way for his abuses.


  • U.S. withdraws from U.N. Human Rights Council, calling it 'not worthy of its name.'

    Trump envoy Nikki Haley today said the United States is withdrawing from the U.N. Human Rights Council.


  • Yet another Trump White House staffer is leaving.

    "More than 60 percent of those who served in senior positions at the beginning of the administration have exited."


  • Starbucks is closing 150 stores

    The coffee chain Starbucks today announced plans to close 150 locations.


  • Automated list of people on LinkedIn who claim to work for ICE

    Sam Lavigne wrote a script that scrapes LinkedIn to create a handy list of people who work for ICE, lately responsible for various unlawful and totalitarian acts in the name of policing immigrants to the United States of America.
  • Pencil dice: a D6 in pencil form

    Roll Sebastian Bergne's $3.33 pencil dice across the table to get a randomish value from 1-6. Useful for writing choose-your-own-adventures! (via Geekologie)

  • Restaurant taco holders on sale today

    American Metalcraft makes restaurant equipment, but you can buy these stainless steel taco holders for home use on Amazon. The have a model that holds 2 tacos, and another that holds 3, which is on sale today for $6.52. We use them at least once a week, and love them. Who on earth wants a taco shell sitting on its side, disgorging its contents on the plate? Not me.

  • 1,500 pounds of dynamite make quick work of these cooling towers

    Watching the graceful fall of these cooling towers in Jacksonville, Florida offers a momentary reprieve from the fall of western civilization.

  • Russia buffs strategic Baltic nuclear bunker

    As President Trump continues his campaign to piss off anyone who’s not a Nazi or the leader of an oppressive dictatorship, CNN is reporting that Russia may have dropped some serious coin to modernize a strategically-placed nuclear weapons storage facility. The facility is located in Kaliningrad – a wee bit of Russia all jammed up between Poland and the Baltics. From CNN:
    On Monday, the Federation of American Scientists (FAS) published aerial photographs that the group says show the facility in the Baltic outpost has been under major renovation since 2016. FAS said the images document refurbishments at the site back in 2016, when one of three underground bunkers at the location was excavated and deepened before it appeared to have been covered over in recent months, "presumably to return (to) operational status soon."
    Now, here’s the fun part. Despite the fact that the bunker is designed for the secure storage and deployment of nuclear weapons for use by the Russian Air Force and Naval dual-capable forces, there’s no knowing whether it has ever stored nuclear weapons in the past or whether it will do so in the future: just because a military installation comes packing mission capabilities doesn’t mean that it has to use them. It’s the world’s shittiest shell game!

    Even without the atomic weapons being packed into the Kaliningrad bunker, the joint still serves a purpose. The installation is one of the most westerly located in Russia. Upgrading it, in a manner that’s observable via areal photography or satellite imagery, provides an unspoken political message: The Russia that’s currently hosting the World Cup is the same one that invaded Ukraine in 2014, vandalized Georgia in 2008 and continues to giddily weaponize the baltic region, prompting a tactical response from NATO. It’s a Cold War bear continuing its slow wake from hibernation, hungry and ready to feed should the right provocation or situation crop up. That’s a whole lotta political currency for the price of a few tons of cement. Image via Wikipedia Commons  

  • The value of CryptoKitties has plummeted

    CryptoKitties are "digital collectibles" in the form of cartoon cats that people can buy, sell, and breed using cryptocurrency. In December someone paid US$155,000 for a single cryptokitty. In March investors who should know better, like Andreessen Horowitz and Union Square Ventures, gave CryptoKitties $12 million. In the months that followed, both the trading activity and the price of Cryptokitties has nearly bottomed out.

    From ScienceAlert:

    The number of CryptoKitties transactions decreased in June by 98.4 percent compared to its peak of 80,500 transactions back in December 2017, according to data from Bloxy.


    The average price of CryptoKitties seems to have decreased dramatically, as well. Blockchain analytics site Diar pegs the average price around US$5 per digital cat, a decline from what Diar suggests was its all-time median high of around US$41.

    Who would have thought people would lose interest in paying lots of money for drawings of cats that look like something an earnest middle-school student would post on her DeviantArt page?

    The company hopes to reignite interest in CryptoKitties by introducing two exciting game components: "KittyBattles" and "KittyHats."

  • Frankensteinian blue jeans-mesh monstrosity on sale for $236

    Regularly priced at $590, Bless Mesh Jeans are on sale for the bargain price of $236.

    "Making use of vintage 501 Levi's, these jeans feature an asymmetrical fold along the fly and a tan mesh panel down the full length of one side."

    [via Weird Universe]

  • Grandfather finds "PLEASE SPIT IT IN TOO" printed on his restaurant bill

    When a man in Queens, New York celebrated Father's Day at Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden with his daughter and granddaughter, he asked for mayo and carmamel onions on his burger. But there was an extra ingredient he didn't ask for that appeared on his bill: spit.

    Curtis Mays said the waitress had been nice, so didn't see it coming when he received his bill that told the chef, in red bold letters, "PLEASE SPIT IN IT TOO."

    The waitress then tried to weasel out of it, denying to Mays that she was the one who printed the unsavory request. But once the manager got involved, the waitress was immediately fired, and Mays got a refund for his meal.

    Ironically, the Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden has an A rating from the Department of Health.

    From ABC7:

  • Even the Texas GOP is ready to decriminalize marijuana

    Texas has some of the most draconian marijuana laws in the United States. Possession of small amounts can result in 6 months in jail and a $2,000 fine. And of the 60,000 people who get arrested on marijuana charges there, 98 percent are popped for simple possession. Reason says "penalties extend beyond the immediate criminal sanctions, too."

    "Criminal penalties for drug possession, even marijuana, come with a lifetime of collateral consequences. That's hindered access to education, employment, housing, your driver's license is suspended for 6 months," says [Heather Fazio, a spokesperson for Texans for Responsible Marijuana Policy]. "With those of us in Texas supportive of our Second Amendment protected rights, our license to carry in Texas is suspended for five years."

    That could change, now that the Republican Party of Texas is supporting the decriminalization of marijuana. The proposed penalty would be a civil fine of $100 or less.

    From Reason:

    The change complements efforts being made on the local level in Texas. In December 2017, the city of Dallas dispensed with arresting people on misdemeanor marijuana charges. Kim Ogg, district attorney for Harris County (which includes the city of Houston) has gone even further. As of March 2017, her office is declining to prosecute most marijuana offenses and instead diverting people into "cognitive decision-making classes."

    Image: Mitch M/Shutterstock

  • Trump says immigrants "infest" the United States

    In a tweet this morning, Trump chooses the dehumanizing word "infest" to describe immigrants coming to the US. This is eerily similar to German Nazi propaganda "linking Jews and vermin or disease to Germany."

    "Democrats are the problem. They don’t care about crime and want illegal immigrants, no matter how bad they may be, to pour into and infest our Country, like MS-13. They can’t win on their terrible policies, so they view them as potential voters!"

    Twitter users responded strongly.

    Image: Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

  • Concord Coach tells passengers they must be US citizens to ride their bus

    This is the stuff dystopian movies are made of. This video, put out by the ACLU, shows immigration agents asking passengers waiting to board a privately owned Concord Coach if they are a US citizen. Even though, according to the ACLU, there is no law anywhere in the country that bars non-US citizens from riding a bus in the United States, a Concord Coach employee answers "Yep" when an incredulous passenger asks if only US citizens can ride their bus. The passengers in this video know their rights and refuse to answer the question.

    According to The Root:

    In an interview with New Hampshire Public Radio, Concord Coach Lines Vice President Ben Blunt said the employee misspoke. Blunt said the company had not done a good enough job “talking about this issue with our staff,” before adding, “We don’t want to ask our employees—our drivers, our ticket agents—to be interfering with a federal officer who is lawfully doing his job.”

    But Blunt’s answer glossed over one simple distinction that needs to be made: There’s a difference between interfering with a government authority and spreading misinformation on behalf of that authority.

  • The Atlantic again concern-trolls: SHOULD CHILDREN HAVE SEX CHANGES?

    How did Twitter addict Jesse Singal become the anti-transgender spokesgoblin of his generation? When a Child Says She's Trans continues his creepy fixation on gender-nonconforming minors. The "ex-trans" movement, similar to the discredited "ex-gay" movement, can always count on axe-grinding coverage that vastly over-represents their numbers and POV. (more…)

  • Bible Stories, with U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions


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    "The type of non-stop action and improbably hilarious fun that only a kid could dream up. ... The EMU Club's adventures perfectly capture the intersection of imagination and wonder - the crossroad that's so often found in cardboard boxes, pillow forts and backyards everywhere." -GeekDad

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  • Learn how to take on cybercriminals as a certified ethical hacker

    The cybersecurity landscape is changing, and now one of the most effective ways to counter hacking threats is to employ another hacker against them. Commonly referred to as ethical hackers, these professionals use a cybercriminal's tools against them, checking networks for vulnerabilities and patching them up before they can be exploited. The Certified Ethical Hacker Bootcamp Bundle can help you join their ranks and make a living by neutralizing hacking threats for $39. Complete with 19 courses and more than 70 hours of training, this collection is ideal for beginners looking to get started in the ethical hacking trade. You'll learn from industry experts in an interactive, lab-filled environment and foster skills in incident management, penetration testing, and more while exploring common threats, such as viruses, social engineering, and DDoS attacks. Once you complete the course, you'll be ready to sit for the EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker v9 exam, setting you up to enter the field with one of the industry's top certifications. You can catalyze your ethical hacking education today with the Certified Ethical Hacker Bootcamp Bundle, available in the Boing Boing Store for $39.
  • Claw machine fish tank

    While an actual Claw Machine Fish Tank would be cruel and unethical (and some say just keeping fish in captivity isn't cool), the concept itself is fun to think about. Kudos to Dave's Geeky Ideas for dreaming up this one up.
  • There's a Hawaiian shirt of Chunk doing the "Truffle Shuffle"

    I came across the strangest Aloha shirt on Instagram the other day, one called the "Hawaiian Shuffle" ($55). It depicts Chunk of The Goonies, amongst the shirt's tropical foliage, doing his "Truffle Shuffle."

    Two things:

    1. I'm 99.9% sure this is an unlicensed Goonies product, which means child-actor-turned-entertainment-lawyer Jeff Cohen (aka Chunk) won't see a dime from its sales (maybe I'm wrong!);

    2. A 2015 UPROXX article describes how the film's director Richard Donner felt about that scene and what he did to help Cohen later in life:

    Watching the movie as kids, we probably weren’t too aware of how mean the “Truffle Shuffle” was, mainly because Chunk reluctantly performed it for his friends and then went about his business... However, Donner recalls it as a “painful” scene to film and it was ultimately the catalyst for his lasting relationship with Cohen.

    “There was no direction,” Donner explained. “I don’t take any credit for that, it was just Jeff. He had to stand on that stump and be ridiculed by his friends so he could come in the house, and he did it as best as that character could do it. So much humor comes from pain. Although, I’m sure he was too young to be analytical about it, but I’m sure that was part of his instincts. It was a painful scene.”

    In fact, Cohen told us that Donner hiring him as a production assistant when he was jobless was what opened the door for him to “learn the business of show business.”

    “Jeff became very special as an individual for me when he did the Truffle Shuffle because there was an honest pain in that scene for that little boy in front of those little kids,” Donner said. “When I saw that, and you could see it, my heart went out. When I told Lauren about it we decided we’re going to have to help him go to work on his body and his mind. So, I got him a gym and some instruction and someone to work with. He lost lots of weight and built this great physique and became captain of his wrestling team in high school, captain of his football team, and president of his school class for two years in a row. I’m not saying I did it, but I know that when he started putting pride into his body and self a lot of things changed. I was probably closer to him.”
  • Make a cardboard shiv: Another way to recycle an Amazon box

    From the Dept. of Making-Knives-Out-of-Oddball-Things, aka kiwami japan, comes the "sharpest Cardboard kitchen knife in the world," one made from an ordinary Amazon box. It chops, it dices, it slices!

    kiwami japan previously on BB

  • Louis Vuitton Windows CE pocket computer on eBay

    Louis Vuitton's Windows CE gadget was a misstep. Pocket PCs were unpopular gadgets of questionable utility even in their day: obsolete in a heartbeat and now draped with the comical stink of Microsoft at its nadir. It hardly speaks to the timeless quality a luxury brand wants to conjure, even as a promotional stocking stuffer.

    As an artifact, though, what an oddity! I'd get it for sheer ironic magnitude – with a WiFi CF Card [Amazon] you should be able to get it online – but it's listed for $680, OBO and a Jornada 728 would be a better choice.

    Perhaps Louis Vuitton should make a branded case for the Gemini PDA, a far classier (and more functional) expression of the ultra-mobile PC concept.

  • The secret RPG history of an enabler of America's border child kidnapping policy

    When Bryant Durrell was in college, he played D&D with an amazing Dungeon Master, Eric, who was obsessed with the moral dimension of the game, constructing thoughtful, elaborate campaigns to get the players to reflect on the nature of good and evil -- the players jokingly called the setting Eric created "Catholic World." (more…)

  • Rare cotton candy-colored lobster named "Lucky" escapes pot, now lives in an aquarium

    A 2 lb. cotton candy-colored lobster was discovered last November by a Canadian fisherman and it's just making the rounds on social media now. The Portland Press Herald reports:
    Canadian fisherman Robinson Russell, 38, caught the lobster off Grand Manan Island in December and decided to donate the 2-pound crustacean to an aquarium in Saint Andrews, New Brunswick.

    “Lucky” the lobster will be on display at the Huntsman Marine Science Centre’s aquarium for the remainder of the summer and fall seasons, Russell said.

    “I really didn’t know what to do with it at first, so I decided to give it to the aquarium,” Russell said in a telephone interview Tuesday night.

    His 5-year-old daughter, who was thrilled to see such a unusual lobster, will now be able to visit Lucky whenever Russell takes her to Saint Andrews. The aquarium opened May 19 and will remain open until Oct. 14.

    Russell said he posted a photograph of the lobster on Instagram [last year], soon after he caught Lucky, but it wasn’t until this month that the picture created a stir on Instagram. Russell said a Maine lobsterman spotted the unusual colored lobster and reposted it on Instagram.

    The CBC on its rarity:

    According to the Lobster Institute at the University of Maine, the chances of finding an albino lobster are one in 100 million. But Robert C. Bayer, executive director of the institute, said this is just an estimate.

    "There is no firm statistic on that," he said. "It is strictly a guess."

    Bayer said it is easier to win the lottery than find a white lobster.

    Previously: Rare translucent 'ghost' lobster caught by Maine lobsterman

    image via Robinson Russell


  • As thousands of children are torn from their parents, Trump's popularity rating hits an all-time high

    In case you thought that kidnapping babies would awaken the moral consciences of Trump supporters, be told: Trump's approval rating hit its all-time peak on Monday, with 45% of Americans saying he is doing a good job. The administration is said to be planning even harsher measures before the midterms, including indefinite incarceration of kidnapped children. (via Naked Capitalism)

  • X-Men: Grand Design 12 - One Fateful Day

    Ed Piskor's offering an annotated page-by-page look at the first part of X-Men: Grand Design, his epic retelling of how Marvel comics' pantheon of heroes came to be. Catch up here. — Eds.

    Director’s commentary…

    This post concludes our director’s commentary feature for X-Men: Grand Design. Putting actual words to many of the creative choices that went into making these strips has proven really valuable to my process personally, and it’s inspired an artillery of questions that I have in regards to the way my favorite cartoonists operate.

    Lots of seemingly random cartooning influences have affected me while putting this page together but I realize that a common thread they all share is that they were covered in the ‘80s documentary, Comic Book Confidential. I’ve gone on at length about the effect this film had on me but I’ll leave it up to you to google that if you’re curious. I guess another common thread these cartoonists possess is that they’re just some of the best the medium has to offer.

    The mud on Xavier’s boots is a detail that Jack Davis would incorporate in his EC war books. The third panel is a riff on a Jaime Hernandez back cover to a fairly recent issue of Love and rockets. The stark red and black panel 4 is inspired by an iconic Jaime Hernandez front cover to an older issue of Love and Rockets. In panel 5 the first image of the helmeted Cain Mariko looks like a Harvey Kurtzman soldier from his Two-Fisted Tales series from EC comics in the 1950s. That giant hand in the second to last panel is unapologetically Jack Kirby-inspired. Frank Miller and his mentor Will Eisner would often use an all-black panel to create a beat or pause in the action.

    If there’s anything to learn from the commentaries that I’ve been posting these past 12 weeks, it’s that I steal from the best. In comics it’s often called “swiping”. In Hip Hop it’s called “sampling”. I’m like a DJ, my comics collection acts my records, and the books I make are my albums.

    The first X-Men Grand Design collection is now available for purchase on Amazon! Stay tuned for another strip this time next week.

    You can pre-order X-Men: Grand Design, Second Genesis on Amazon today.

  • Secret recording of weeping children begging for their parents while a Border Patrol official mocks them

    "Well, we have an orchestra here. What’s missing is a conductor." That's the voice of a Border Patrol official, mocking a sobbing group of 10 terrified Central American children who've been separated from their parents at a US border-crossing. (more…)