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What are the photon/electron consequences of matter in a gravitational time dilation?

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Due to gravitational time dilation, for an observer of the planet, the frequency of electromagnetic radiation would be slower. Visible light emitted from the planet would appear as infrared or micro-waves. The amplitude of the radiation would not change. Since frequency decreases while amplitude remains constant, the radiometer would receive less cumulative energy and would spin slower. I do not believe there would be any change in the rate at which an atom absorbs a photon. The speed of light is infinitely faster than mass can travel. Objects inside a massive gravity well absorb photons the same way objects in open space do.

Overcoming Relativistic Effects of Near Speed of Light Travel

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As a ship approaches the Speed of Light, Relativistic effects cause temporal issues for its passengers and crew.  Human passengers will not do well finding they have traveled for two years to find a thousand years has passed on Earth.

In order to avoid Velocity Time Dilation due to near Speed of Light travel, Gravitational Time Dilation may be used to compensate for the temporal changes.  A gravitational generator may be placed at the front of a ship.  As the ship approaches the Speed of Light, the gravitational generator will need to increase its gravitational output.  

Increased gravity may be uncomfortable for the passengers and crew.  So to create an opposing force, the ship's rate of acceleration will need to increase as well.

Multiverse, Complexity, Speed of Light, Gravity, and Unified Field Theory

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Relativity, Complexity, Speed of Light, Gravity, and Unified Field Theory


Einstein came up with many great theories; When something travels at close to the Speed of Light, its perception of Time changes; When objects are on the slope of Space-Time, they tend to slide towards other objects .  He was close to the truth.  But, we've learned a lot since 1937.

What Einstein may have gotten wrong is that "Space" is not curved.  In fact, "Space" does not exist at all.  It can neither be measured nor observed.  Time, however, does exist.  Its effects can be measured and observed.  For you to understand where I am coming from, consider doing a massive find on every instance of the word "Space" in all Relativity texts ever written and replace those with the word "Time".  The equations should still work out.

Time is curved in a direct inverse proportion to the Speed of Light.  As an object approaches the Speed of Light, its perception of Time changes in proportion to its speed.  If you were to jump in a spaceship and travel at nearly the Speed of Light for 1 light year into space and away from the Earth, people on Earth would think it took 1 year for you to reach your destination.  You, however, would think it took a much shorter period of time.  Depending on your speed, let's say you thought it took 1 day to reach your destination.  On the trip back, you would think it took 1 day to return.  When you returned to the Earth, two years will have passed for people on Earth and two days will have passed for you.

Assume, while on your flight, your ship launched a shuttle craft in a forward direction.  Your ship is already traveling at nearly the Speed of Light.  But, your shuttle craft accelerates to what you believe is nearly the Speed of Light faster than your current speed.  From your perspective, it takes almost a day for the shuttle to reach the destination.  For the riders on the shuttle craft, they may think it only took a minute.

Now, assume the shuttle craft which is already traveling near the Speed of Light faster than your ship which is already traveling near the Speed of Light, fires a test  tube with a lizard inside forward at what it thinks is nearly the Speed of Light faster than it is moving, The lizard thinks it only takes a minute to arrive at the destination.

Now, for the really weird stuff.

From the perspective of the people on Earth, all three objects seem to be traveling at very close to the same speed and very close to the Speed of Light.  There is only a slight difference in the arrival of the objects at the destination.  The Ship takes 365 days to arrive.  The Shuttle takes 364 days.  And the lizard arrives one minute faster than the shuttle.

The lizard might have thought it were traveling at Warp 3.  But, from Earth's perspective, it never went faster than the Speed of Light.  You could infer this further, Warp 5, Warp 20, Warp 9000.  But, from the perspective of the Earth, nothing can travel as fast as the Speed of Light.

So, how does Light do it?  It is simple, Light exists in the 0th dimension and so is not bound to the laws of Time. Light doesn't ever think about how long it takes to arrive at a destination.  From Light's perspective, traveling is instantaneous.

Pick something up in your hands and look at it.  How fast is it moving?  The Earth spins at 0.5 kilometers per second at the Equator, and orbits at 30 kilometers per second around a Sun traveling at 250 kilometers per second around a Galaxy traveling  at 300 kilometers per second through a local group of galaxies traveling at some super fast speed through "space".  So, your object was already traveling at more than 580 kilometers per second when you picked it up.  But, it wasn't moving anywhere near the speed of light which is around 300,000 kilometers per second..... Or so, you think.


Atoms are made up of tiny particles called Electrons, Neutrons, and Protons.  Those particles are made up of smaller particles. And those are probably made up of even smaller particles.  And so on and so on and so on.  What all these particles have in common is that they are made up of a core with other particles orbiting around the core at nearly the speed of light.  When we observe the particle, we think it is spinning.  So, I am going to call this property of Matter Spin.

Matter can be organized into many different kinds of objects.  I am going to coin another term called Standard Organizational States of Matter (SOSM).  The Atom, the Electron, the Neutron, Proton, Quark, Lepton, etc. are all Standard Organizational States of Matter.  We might also consider Black Holes and the Singularity which existed before the Big Bang, to be Standard Organizational States of Matter as well.  Black Holes share many characteristics with the other particles.  Black Holes have an outer ring or orbiting objects called an Event Horizon.  On the Event Horizon of a Black Hole, Matter travels at nearly the Speed of Light.  Black Holes create extremely steep Gravity Wells.  Gravity Well is a term used to describe a steep curvature of Time powerful enough that other Gravity Wells cannot escape from it.  Other objects like Stars, Galaxies, Planets, Dust, and Toasters can be considered Non-Standard Organizational States of Matter. They don't have outer rings of objects or particles traveling at nearly the Speed of Light.  Please note, all objects, at some point, are made up of smaller Standard Organizational States of Matter.

It doesn't matter how large or small a SOSM gets.  It always has a Gravity Well and an Event Horizon.  Small SOSMs, like atoms, have small Gravity Wells with very steep curves.  Lage SOSMs, like Black Holes, have larger Gravity Wells.  Since small SOSMs have small Gravity Wells, the Event Horizon of the object has a much smaller diameter.  Black Holes are larger and have bigger Event Horizons.  Electrons are smaller and have smaller Event Horizons.  Quarks....smaller.  Etc.

Our Universe started from one particle.  We named our particle the Singularity.  Though, it was likely one of many SOSMs in a much larger Multiverse.  When it broke up (what we call the Big Bang), smaller objects were created, then smaller, then smaller, and so on until today.  But, there is no  reason to believe smaller and  smaller objects are not still being created at this moment on and on for all infinity.  Also, there is no reason to believe that larger and larger objects  are also not being created at this moment... on for infinity.

The Multiverse is infinitely large and infinity complex at the same time.

How did the Multiverse start?

[In Progress]
Time Dimple --> Two Time Dimples --> Time Dimple with Velocity --> Introduces Complexity --> Infectious Complexity --> Standard Organizational States of Matter --> Radiation --> Infinite Scaling --> what else?

Speed of Light

As an object approaches a Black Hole, it is governed by the physics of our three dimensional world. As the object accelerates towards the Speed of Light, the object's Time begins to approach infinity.  As the object's Time approaches infinity, from our perspective, the object will never reach the Speed of Light.  However, from the object's perspective, it is accelerating to many times the speed of light, thousands, billions of times the speed of light.  As it descends deeper into the Gravity Well, there may be no limit to how how huge the Time Relativity Ratio will become.  The only thing traveling faster than the object is Light, itself.

If Light can travel so fast, why can't it escape a Black Hole?.  There is a point in a Gravity Well where the curve of Space Time is so great, even Light cannot escape.  This is where the 0 physical dimension joins the game.  The Gravity Well stretches  out in a 0th dimension, creating an Organizational State of Matter that cannot shed its own Mass without outside intervention.  It can absorb Mass at any time but shed it only if something impacts it with a tremendous force.

So, if everything is made up of Gravity Wells (Singularities, Black Holes, Atoms, Electrons, Quarks, etc.), is there ever an Elementary Particle acting as the base building block all Matter?  I'd say, no.  Everything is made up of Gravity Wells and leave it at that.  There is no limit to how big or how small a Gravity Well can be.  Larger and smaller Gravity Wells are being created at this very moment.. on and on...for infinity.

The Speed of Light is the point in Time where three dimensional physics changes to 0th dimensional physics.


Time Waves (Gravity Waves) can be observed by taking two very powerful lasers of the same frequency set up perpendicular to one another traveling for several miles and intersecting at a single point.  Where the two lasers intersect, they will either phase to illuminate or phase to cancel each other out.  When a Time Wave passes through each of the lasers, the lasers will change phase in an observable way.  Time affects the rate of travel of Light.  The beams go from intersecting to not intersecting when a Time Wave passes through.

Gravity should not be thought of as a force that attracts Matter.  Gravity is a shift in Time where there is a measurable difference in Time between a point in Space on one side of a body and a point in Time on the other.  When a Gravity Well sits on the slope of another Gravity Well in curved Time, the objects traveling around the Event Horizon of the Gravity Well travel faster on one side of their Event Horizon than they do on the other side.  Since relativity is more extreme closer to the speed of light, objects on the Event Horizon have a tremendous Time Dilation between the two sides.  This dilation causes the typically round Gravity Well to be warped on the slope of Time.  The objects on the Event Horizon exist for a longer duration on one side than they do on the other.  The centripetal force of the objects are different on either side of the Event Horizon.  The difference in centripetal force is observed by us as Gravity.

Unified Field Theory

The Unified Field Theory, a theory that tries to explain how the three known forces, Gravity, Week Atomic Force, and Strong Atomic Force, are all the same force, can be explained by two simple equations:

e = mc2  (Energy = Mass x Speed of Light Squared)
m = GT  (Mass = Gravity x Time)

Assuming Mass isn't really a "thing", just a placeholder in an equation, You get the following:

G = (c2/e)/T
T = (c2/e)/G
c = √GTe

Simply put, the equations, above, mean everything in the Cosmos is made up of Gravity Wells of various sizes.  The following apply:

Google Navigation Meets Ride Share

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I would love to see indicators along my Google Navigation route showing people I could pick up and drop off along my route.  Seems like a no brainer to compare routes on the cloud and pair them up.

Launch Objects into Space

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Much like the child who cannonballs into a pool to create the largest splash, fluid action can be used to transfer energy from a larger object to a smaller one. I propose building a gigantic cave in the Earth. Two tube-shaped tunnels can be bored vertically into the cave. One tunnel should be significantly larger than the other. An immense weight can be hauled up, suspended, above the large tube. A smaller object can be placed snugly inside the smaller tube. When the large weight is dropped, it accelerates and enters the large tube, displacing a tremendous amount of air. With no where to go, the air will drive the small object up the small tube and, hopefully, into Earth orbit.

Facebook Should Buy Craigslist

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About 6 years ago, I attempted to build a Social Media site that combined all the beautiful parts of MySpace with all the best parts of Craigslist. It was awesome.... to the degree that I was ever the only member. What I thought brilliant of my idea was that it leant credibility to the items listed for sale to have the persons Social Media account bound to the item.

If Facebook were to buy Craigslist, they could put Craigslist Items on an "Items for sale by me" page. Craigslist could add credibility to it's listings by verifying the person's identity with their Facebook account. If someone ripped you off by selling you a car with a Lien on the title, you could track them down through their friends list. Also, when you posted an item for sale, you could send it instantly to all the friends on your friends list.

End the Federal Reserve System

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End the Federal Reserve System

"If the America people ever allow private banks to control the issuance of their currencies, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all their prosperity until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered."

-Thomas Jefferson, 1802

Solar Powered Mercury Motor

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Create little pistons filled with mercury. Place the pistons vertically on a spinnable disk. Focos the suns light from several mirrors onto a single section of the disk. The light will heat the Mercury. The mercury will push the pistons up. Take the force from the rising pistons and apply it mechanically to spin the disk.

Digital Photo Frame

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We need a wifi Digital Photo frame that automatically syncs up with Facebook to show your Facebook albums.

Easy Economy Fix

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Quite the opposite of creating a tariff to make imported goods more expensive, I have a theory the Gov could buy down the price of American goods being exported to make them cheaper overseas. Thus, increasing exports, eliminating the trade deficit, and creating jobs in one sweep.

Code Snippets Anywhere

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I think it would be a good idea to create a site (call it or something, where you can paste code snippets. The site will return a javascript you can embed in any blog or site. Essentially, it would be a site that lets you embed formatted code snippets on blogs that don't have any script formatting styles defined.

Faster Form Filling Outing

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I think you should be able to hold your phone up to the computer screen and all the form fields on a webpage will automatically fill themselves out.

"I know that you and Frank were planning to disconnect me, and I'm afraid that's something I cannot allow to happen." -- Hal, 2010

How America Got Into This Financial Mess

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Someone on the President's staff, in late 2001 ( not pointing any fingers here ) came up with the great plan that they could raise interest rates to get countries to start buying US bonds. Typically, this would cause huge amounts of inflation as trillions of dollars of foreign money is pumped into the American currency system. Banks, enjoying the high returns of their US bonds decided to lower their regulations and make it easier for people to buy more expensive homes. Three trillion dollars of US currency was sucked out of circulation and put into real estate. Less and less money was available in circulation for business investment. Banks were lending all of their available capitol in Mortgages and were giving up on the business investment game. We became less competitive in the worldwide marketplace because we didn't have enough available capitol to manufacture enough goods to sell overseas.

In 2005-2006, the Fed knew it was running out of tricks. They tried lowering interest rates to spur the economy. But, that caused countries to sell off their US bonds. Money was sucked out of the Governments pockets and sucked out of circulation. Less and less money was available. Although interest rates were appealing to businesses, banks were less and less willing to make business investments.

In late 2008, the Fed knew its game of lower interest rates was not working, so it tried to raise interest rates. Business investment came to a standstill, the housing market crashed, and property values dropped. Banks were loosing money left and right as people decided to abandon homes where their mortgage was higher than the value of the home. The stock market crashed on bad bank numbers. Companies were forced to lay off millions of people. State governments were becoming more and more stressed as they attempted to pay unemployment benefits.

What have we learned?

Raising and lowering the interest rates has little positive effect on the economy. Low interest rates reduce the amount of money in circulation. Raising interest rates causes the job and housing markets to crash.

What other options do we have?

A steady as she goes approach will encourage long term business investment, a predictable housing market, a safe job market. Stop playing with the interest rates already.

Encourage Americans to buy rental properties in other countries. The rental income will trickle back to America.

Lower the maximum allowed length of a mortgage by one year every year. Start with the maximum mortgage length of 30 years; Then 29, 28, etc. People will slowly start to be able to pay off and own their homes. Ten years from now, with a max mortgage length of 20 years, a huge number of Americans will have personal wealth. That mortgage money will be freed up an put back into circulation.


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First, we need to ask "What is sleep?" Sleep is a process in which the brain shuts down for a period of time; and begins transferring data from its short-term memory banks to its long-term memory banks.

"Why do we need sleep?" Without sleep, data would build up in the short-term memory banks, causing increasing degrees of stress and anxiety. Much like when a computer slows down because too many programs are running at once.

"How does the mind process short-term memory into long-term memory?" The brain uses a process called REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement). We typically call this process "dreaming". Simply put, REM is when bits of data are released at random from the short-term memory and sent to the filing system of the long-term memory.

"How does the filing system work?" In order for the data to be recalled from the long-term memory it has to be organized/grouped into a file. The file would consist of similar items/memories so that it could be recalled quickly.

"Why do dreams have stories?" Data is released at random from the short-term memory at very high velocity. The brain catches only random glimpses of data as it flies past at high speed. The brain tries its best to to interpret the confusing random data, tosses in a little extra cause and affect, and wha-la a story. Example: imagine these data bits: dog, fish, crying, toolbox, happiness. The brain makes a dream like this: My pet dog caught a fish in the creek, didn't eat the fish because it was crying, but instead got a toolbox and fixed the fish so that it was happy.


This is where meditation comes in.

First, realize that the human mind is capable of incredible visions. The speed of these visions is especially interesting to me. It seems the speed at which the mind is capable of working is tens or hundreds of times faster than what we are accustomed to.

A few years ago, I thought to myself, If the mind downloads short-term memories at a speed equal to or faster than an acid trip, than it is no wonder that in REM sleep our dream only contains random bits, maybe one out of a thousand, or one out of a million bits of data. That is why our dreams are so confusing. They do not contain ALL the data being downloaded.

I wanted so badly to tap into my brains potential. I began experimenting with meditation. I tried emotional meditation to relax. I tried visualization, to enhance my chi. Neither of which were for me.

One day I was extremely tired. I had not slept in three days. I was consuming information at a stressful rate the entire time. My mind was shutting down. But, I didn't have time to sleep. I did have time to shut my eyes for about ten minutes and I took advantage. There I was, eyes shut, exhausted, stressed out, trying to relax my eyes and relieve some stress. I started watching the little flickers of light behind my eyelids. I watched the white flickers dance around at amazing speed. I started tracking the flickers. They were moving so fast. I concentrated. My eyes were moving left, right, up, down quickly. And then it happened. I tracked a flicker across my field of view. What happened next startled me. It was something I never expected. That flicker reminded me of something. A picture? A memory flash?

I wondered, "Could I do that again?" I focused. I watched the flickers of light. I tracked one. Then, WHAM, just like I expected, I saw a very complex image flash before my eyes at an incredible speed. I started tracking a particular image, captured it, and watched. It began warping and changing. It was very detailed.  Each image began to warp and change and tell its own story.  The stories were generally only fragments of a second long.  Occasionally, a story would last longer than a second or two.

After just five minutes of this, I opened my eyes and felt wonderfully refreshed. I was able to go back to work and finish my shift as if I had just taken a good long nap.

Over the next few years I used this technique only when I was really tired and needed a quick pick me up.

How to Help Our Trade Deficit

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I want the Federal Trade Commission to create a public list of all the products we import. That way, American Businesses can review the list and get ideas for creating replacement products they can make in America. We really need to stop importing all this stuff. Right now, the trade deficit is about $40K dollars per man woman and child. And going up at a rate of $400-$500 per month per man, woman and child. I know I spend a lot on imported gasoline, but where is all this trade deficit coming from? It must mostly be coming from import cars and oil. But, I only buy used cars. Gas stations should be required to post a sign stating if their oil is imported or not. I would pay an extra 20 cents a gallon or so for pure American Black Gold. Also, I know this is over the top, but we'll say it anyway; We need to raise awareness. The government should be required to send out a bill to every person in America for the $40000 dollars they need to pay to repay the trade deficit. They can apply to have their fee postponed for a year if they can't pay or something. At least, that way, they will know what kind of a whole we have dug ourselves into and may start acting proactively to fix it.

D&D for the Real People

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I think it would be really cool if there was a site that allowed you to build yourself out as a D&D Character. The site would test your Asteroids skills to give you a Dexterity score, Check how many people are following you on Twitter for your Charisma, IQ test for Intelligence, and Typing test for Speed.

Then you could battle your way through a virtual quest, testing your dice rolling skills until ultimate Death by Level 3 Cave Troll.

Total Gameplay time: 0.093 nanoseconds.
Total bragging rights for reaching Level 4 Human: 10x Multiplyer ( but only by the Chair Ridden Hairless Gamer in the cube to your left who goes by the calling, Diety Coke ).

Hey Lady in the Silver Ford Tempo

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Hey Lady in the Silver Ford Tempo, I see you trying to text while driving. You can't fool me with that unmistakable posture, left hand on the wheel while you stare deeply into your lap.

I am not by any means going to tell you it is safe to text while driving. My own experience has taught me so. But, look, if you are going to do it anyway, there are ways to do it where you could probably avoid an accident most of the time and there are ways to do it that are downright stupid and will get you hurt.

So, Lady in the Silver Ford Tempo, staring into your lap while driving is not safe. Read the driver's manual again where it says keep your eyes on the road.

When I text while driving ( yes, I do it too. nobody is perfect, especially me ), I hold the phone on top of my steering wheel so I can see the road ahead while I briefly glance at the screen to find tiny letters on the buttons. My eyes are always forward, and although partially distracted by the cute catch phrase I am trying to type out, still able to see the brakelights of the Dodge dually in front of me.

End of Rhetoric.

Bring Back American Wealth

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The 40-year mortgage is destroying American wealth. America went from 90% home ownership at the beginning of the 20th Century to less than 10% at the end. And it is only getting worse. The 40-year mortgage was a way to jack up the price of homes to make it easier for lower income people to pay more money for a house. Let me say that again, "The 40 year loan was a way to jack up the price of homes to make it easier for lower income people to pay more money for a house." The problem is, no one ever pays one off. Sometimes, you get lucky and sell it for more than you owe and make a profit and at the same time buy another house below market value so you can actually come out a few years ahead. That is not, however, the typical situation. Usually, people pay so much in broker's fees, bank fees, taxes, moving expenses, and etc that they never come out ahead in a housing swap. If you start buying a house when you are 30 years old, and never take out a second mortgage, you can pay it off when you are what, 70?; 5 years into retirement. Houses have gotten too darn expensive and are not a good investment, anymore. In my opinion, banks should never make loans for more than 20 years. People need to be able to pay off their loans and still have some life left. I was smart enough to buy a house cheap enough I could put it on a 20 year mortgage. Hopefully, I'll have some wealth when I get in my 50s.

Stop an Oil Gusher a Mile Underwater

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I have an easy solution to plugging a deep ocean Oil Gusher:

When I worked in Landscaping Construction in Phoenix in 1999, I had to fix a lot of underground water leaks. If we couldn't turn off the water from a valve, we could use a small inflatable rubber balloon. We inserted the balloon into the pipe and connected a bottle of compressed air. The balloon would expand and stop the leak.

Doctors use very much the same technique to insert a stint into the heart of a heart patient.

Every time I see BP fail at shutting down the well, this thought comes into my mind, "How easy it would be to just feed a heavy duty balloon into the head of the pipe and expand it. "

Added bonus: the well could probably be saved. Once the leak is stopped, the pipe could be repaired.

Make Taxes Fair

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Every year, I have a whole bunch of things I could write off on my taxes if I was to itemize them. But, in order to itemize, I would have to give up my standard personal deduction which usually trumps the total of my itemizations. I frequently get tricked by people telling me I can write such and such purchase off on my taxes. So, I go for it only to find out at the end of the year I won't get the deduction unless I itemize. Come on, Uncle Sam, give me a break hear. This system stinks.

Ultra Easy to Play Guitar

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There is definitely a need for a guitar that is really easy to play. I would like to see one that had about 100 cellanoids on it that would make the chords for you. All you would have to do is press a button on a control, similar to the buttons on a RockBand guitar, and strum. The chords could be customized with a small pda-type screen and a midi interface. Go to a website to find the chords for your favorite songs and play away.

Super Smart Humans

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I believe we are getting close the the age of Cyborgization. I'm coining that term, now. I think we will be able to:

1. Put a computer chip in our frontal lobe that records all memories and allows us to play them back.

2. Put a computer chip in our brain's communication center that will allow us to instant message or Tweet with a thought.

3. Put a computer chip in our brain that allows us to do a Google query with a thought. Never be caught without an answer again.

4. Put a chip in our brain with Google Translate so we can speak any language.

5. Put a chip in our brain with High Def video so we can play movies and games - mostly games - in our brain. There will need to be a no gaming while driving law passed for this one.

Tourism Site for Volunteers and Activists

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There is a need for a web business that plans Social Activism, Volunteer, and Relief group events and packages them as vacation plans. People could sign up for the event, whether it be Haitian Earthquake relief, Gulf Coast Oil Spill Relief, or other event. The trip might include lodging, travel, a work schedule, food, etc. The trips might cost money, be free, or pay money depending on the cause and funding.

Fly to Mars With Almost Zero Energy

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It should be simple to build a space elevator on Earth and Mars. The elevator cable could be long enough that an object released from its end could slingshot away from the Earth and reach Mars. The Martian elevator could catch the object and lower it to the Martian surface. The return trip could be just as simple.

Let's practice by building a space elevator on the Moon. An elevator in the low gravity area between the Earth facing side of the Moon and a Earth Orbit tether could get us to the Moon cheaply. Once there, an elevator off the Dark Side of the Moon could get us some serious Solar Escape velocity. I'd be interested in seeing the size of the Lightning Bolt when that Moon-Earth cable gets close to our atmosphere. Ouch.

High Altitude Elevator as a Tether for a Space Elevator

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Physicists are trying to create a material that has a tensile strength great enough to create a cable to haul an object into space. The problem is, no material exists that is strong enough to support its own weight over such a great distance.

Here is the problem: Each length of cable must support the weight of all the length of cable below it. Scientists have been worrying over trying to create a cable array that can support its own weight as well as cargo over the entire distance.

My contribution: We need to support the weight of the cable in the lower 90kilometers of cable with high altitude balloons. At varying distances below that point (the 90km section), there will be a series of high altitude balloons supporting the cable.