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Monthly Gathering - Storyteller

The new planting season is upon us! Join us on Thursday, May 31 from 7 p.m. - 9 as we welcome, Storyteller, the Clan Mother for June. Bring a friend and a story from your heart to share as we gather to learn more wisdoms from these amazing teachers. Check out under the 13 Clan Mother tab for more of their wisdoms. Please RSVP by Wednesday, May 30 IF you plan to attend. Let's plant some dreams!

A Sacred Walk - Tuesday, April 24 @ 6:30 p.m.

As we continue our Sacred Walk in 2018, we are honored to offer a special ceremony for welcoming in "Listening Woman." This month, in lieu of meeting on Thursday, April 26 we will meet during the Tuesday circle for a special teaching given by Aaron, a man who has sits with Malidoma Some's wife, Sobonfu. He offers a traditional ceremony of the Dagara Tribe of West Africa which honors our ancestors by allowing us to heal hidden areas in our life to make room for new growth to appear. We are honored to have Aaron bring a powerful and very healing ceremony to our community. If your heart so directs, email Vicky at for directions. (email is checked daily, FB or messenger not so often!) A gifting bowl is present to honor Aaron for his work. Please RSVP by Monday noon if you plan to attend. We know you will be blessed for stepping forward and trusting your heart.

Monthly Gatherings for 2018 - A Sacred Walk

  This year we will once again use our Monthly Gathering to learn more about the Seneca teachings of the 13 Original Clan Mothers. This year we will begin this Sacred Walk around the Medicine Wheel on Thursday, March 1, 6:30 - 8 p.m. and proceed each month by gathering on the Thursday closest to the Full Moon. A complete list of those dates is on the tab to the left titled, The 13 Original Clan Mothers
  Note also on that tab is a brief overview of each Clan Mother, with pertinent questions to consider. For the best connection it is recommended you purchase the book, The 13 Original Clan Mothers by Jamie Sams. These teachers carry specific aspects of Truth and therefore offer serious seekers an opportunity to rediscover their authentic self that is buried beneath the veneer of social conditioning. (Or, as Don Miquel Ruis references in "The 4 Agreements," the human domestication that occurs.)
  This year we will integrate the teachings taught by the Cherokee teacher I sat with for many years, which will also offer a way to simplify a seekers life in order to live free. This Gathering is open to anyone truly seeking a deeper understanding of life by looking over their shoulder at had how their ancestors lived in right relationship with all sacred beings on Earth Mother. 
  If you are ready for the next step in front of you, join us each month and explore the Truth within. In respect for those that walked before us it is recommended women wear a skirt or sarong. A $10 gifting donation is requested; however, money is not a reason to stay home! Spirit will lead a true seeker to find other ways to return the energy received from sitting in a Sacred Circle. 
  For a prompt reply please send any questions via email: From my heart to yours, Vicky

Monthly Gathering - Gives Praise, Dec. 7 @ 7 p.m.

This Thursday we will greet December's Clan Mother, Gives Praise, who teaches us how to "Give Thanks for the Truth."As we conclude the circle for 2017 this Clan Mother reminds us that when we are grateful for all our experiences, we become wise from allowing ourselves to see what we have learned from them all! Gratitude always opens our hearts to more abundance allowing us to be replenished so we can continue another cycle around the Medicine Wheel of Life. Wear a skirt or sarong to honor the women who walked before us and join us this Thursday. Check out the 13 Original Clan Mothers tab for more insights into these amazing teachers. Please RSVP by Thursday Noon IF you plan to attend.


  This morning I sip my coffee while waiting for Grandfather Sun to make his appearance. Grandmother Moon is out of eye shot from where I sit as she makes her descent into the West. She still has a couple of weeks before her face is full, although she shed much light last night, reminding me she's moving across the sky. Both Grandfather and Grandmother remind me of their constant watch over Earth Mother.  In light of all the shapeshifting on Earth, all the upheavals and unearthing of life as we have known it during our lifetime, there are still constants in front of us. The opportunity for each of us is to pay attention, notice them and add them to our gratitude list constantly available! 
  As humans we need a sense of security and in order to have that it is our responsibility to notice that in addition to "birth, death and taxes," there are many constants in our lives that we might want to acknowledge. Just as any relationship thrives when each person connects with those they love and respect (including our animals!), so it is with the roof over our head, beds in which we sleep, standing ones that shelter our homes from the elements, just to name a few. Now might be a good time to look at the items around you as you read this blog and remember why it was so important that you kept it in your home. When was the last time you turned on the lamp in your living room and really appreciated what it provides for you and why you either purchased it or remember who gifted you with such a useful item. 
  Ah, the constants in our lives that offer a service to us and those we love. Maybe paying attention to those constants will help us do the same with ourselves and each other?

Falling leaves

  Looking out my bedroom window I see tree branches with only a few lingering leaves. The grass below is hidden by all the massive leaves that fell through the night. Yesterday the trees were abundant with leaves and the grass was a bright green from the early fall rains. 
  What a lesson about life! Things can be a certain way and suddenly overnight things change. It can be a two edged sword; if you like things they way they are, in fact, prefer things a certain way, when they change it can be quite disconcerting. On the other hand, if you are the sort of person who gets bored with sameness, such overnight transitions can offer a breath of fresh air and an opportunity to reboot.
  As in literally all things, it is always one's perspective that defines what it mean to an individual. This morning I receive the picture outside my window as a reminder that it just may be time for me to put down some things that have served me in the past, in order to make room for the new growth ahead of me. What that looks like is not clear at this moment; however, who knows what will appear in the morning, or the next morning, or the next. How I love a mystery! 

This morning . . .

  This morning I feel hopeful that things are changing in our world and that through these changes more love, joy and laughter will help each day become an adventure! This morning my heart is grateful and confident in the goodness of the heart . . . humans, animals, trees, winged ones and star beings. This morning my heart is full💜

Monthly Gathering - Walks Tall Woman

  Welcome to the Glorious months of Fall and all the amazing examples of how to drop all pretenses and allow ourselves to be our authentic selves. We welcome you to join us as we welcome this month's Clan Mother, Walks Tall Woman, on Thursday, Nov 2, at 7:00 p.m. We will thank Weaves the Web for her teachings in October and welcome Walks Tall Woman and her teachings of how to Walk Our Talk by leading through example instead of insisting that others simply follow the leader. She also teaches us how to be proud of our accomplishments through self-esteem, not self-importance. 
  Check out the tab, 13 Original Clan Mothers for more information and some questions to consider. Wear a skirt or bring a sarong to honor those that walked before us. Bring a friend and an open heart to learn more about these amazing teachers of Truth. Please RSVP by Thursday noon IF you plan to attend. From my heart to yours, Vicky

Getting Unstuck!

  With all the hurricanes, floods, fires and earthquakes many people say it's a sign of the "end times" of the world. Others say it is a direct reflection of our lack of acknowledgement global warming exist. I say, it is Mother Earth helping us uproot the stale, old, outdated, antiquated  mindset in which we have existed over the past century. Oh, certainly technology has advanced us in many ways by putting information at our finger tips and allowing us to expand our knowledge of other countries ways of life. 
  Whatever view one chooses to explain what is occurring, one thing is eminently clear, we are not in control of these natural disasters and devastating events. What is also very clear is we can and need to pause and look at what we CAN do to comfort others, lend a hand to our neighbor, put our money where our mouth is and actually take a step to help rebuild the sort of community we truly want. 
  We certainly can start to take steps toward being more respectful to our environment rather then ignore the deep and lasting actions ignorance and arrogance has on our world, just as it has on our neighbors. Now is a good time to realize our neighbors are just like us. They, too, have hopes and dreams for their world, just as they have painful situations to confront, as most of us do. Perhaps opening our eyes to the amazing opportunity in front of us to deepen our understanding of true compassion will be the very medicine needed to heal the hearts of All Our Relations on this beautiful planet and bring about a sense of community that respects all things as valuable resources, including the humans! Hopefully it is a sign of the "end times" and we accept the golden opportunity to change what has not served us for a very long time. To get "unstuck" begins with you and me being willing to lovingly look in the mirror, decide what we can do to be more of what we want in the world and then take the action to do it!

Monthly Gathering - Weaves the Web

Join us this Thursday, Oct 5 at 7 p.m. as we welcome the Clan Mother for this moon, "Weaves the Web." Please wear a skirt or bring a sarong to honor the woman who walked before us as we listen to the teachings of this Clan Mother who teaches us about Working with the Truth. For more information on this Clan Mother check out the "This Moon" tab on the left. Please RSVP if you plan to attend by Thursday noon. Until then, have a fabulous week!

The Media

  Whether you love or dislike the media, it does serve to keep us connected to some basic truths. Most recently the media has helped us witness the actions of kind, generous, compassionate people and offered us an expanded picture of what our "neighbors" look like! Since actions speak louder than words, I'd say our country is in pretty good shape. Maybe, just maybe the "Love thy neighbor, as thyself," is a becoming a visible truth. 
  There is nothing FAKE about what can be seen; therefore, I choose to believe there is hope for our world, that Love prevails when the rhetoric of finger pointing, blaming and choosing sides becomes the primary focus. In the big picture, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, and age have shown no preference in the power of the human heart to have compassion and take action to help humans and animals in a time of need. Now would be a good time to look to our Earth Mother and examine our actions toward her care. Perhaps it is time to look at our personal actions to determine whether our actions show respect for this amazing planet and to another basic truth that absolutely every one and every thing thrives and grows when it is shown respect and love. 

Monthly Gathering - "Setting Sun Woman"

With the Full Moon this Wednesday, "Setting Sun Woman," the Keeper of Tomorrow's Goals and Dreams, will be heralded in to assist those ready to Live the Truth. This Clan Mother sets in the West direction which is the home of the feminine principle of intuition and a willingness to receive. We welcome and encourage anyone desiring to know more about the teaching of Truth given by the 13 Original Clan Mothers to join us this Thursday, Sept 7 at 7:00 p.m.
Bring an open heart, a friend, wear a skirt or sarong and join us as we deepen our understanding of sacred Truth. Contact Vicky at vkwspirit@gmail with questions and to RSVP if you plan to attend by Thursday noon. Even if you have never heard of the 13 Original Clan Mothers, we welcome you to click on the This Moon tab on the left to read a bit more about these amazing teachers, then join us for a heart-felt evening.

Monthly Gathering - Thursday, July 6 @ 7 p.m.

Another "Short Notice!" Wherever do the days go? Here we are into July and it is time to gather to share the teachings of this month's Clan Mother, Loves All things. Sunday, June 9, the energy of Loves All Things will offer assistance with loving the Truth. She teaches us that "every action of physical life is as sacred as our spiritual growth because they are the same." We would love to have you join us on this journey with learning more about the many aspects of Truth. Bring a friend, a cover for your lap, wear a skirt or bring a sarong and come with an open heart. Please email Vicky: for details, and in the meantime, check out the tab, "This Moon" for more information about "Loves All Things."

Monthly Gathering - Listening Woman

This month we will share the teachings of Listening Woman, the guardian of introspection, on Wednesday, May 4 beginning at 7 p.m. Check out the, This Moon, tab on the left to read a brief overview of what this Clan Mother offers to those willing to really "Hear the Truth!." Please remember to wear a skirt of bring a sarong or a piece of fabric to wrap around yourself to honor the women who walked before us. Please RSVP to by Wednesday evening to assist with the planning for that night. Weather permitting we will gather around a fire so a blanket and/or lawn chair is also recommended.  


Due to me having the flu, the Monthly Gathering, Thursday, April 6 is cancelled . . .  sure want everyone to stay healthy! If you have the 13 Original Clan Mother book, you may want to read the chapter for "Looks Far Woman," and we can share a bit about her at next month's Gathering, Thursday, May 4.  

Monthly Gathering - Looks Far Woman

  This Thursday, April 6 at 7 p.m. we will celebrate the ways in which Weighs that Truth touched out lives this past month and welcome in Looks Far Woman with the Full Moon Tuesday, April 11. Check out the "This Moon" tab to see a preview of April's Clan Mother, she is the Keeper of the Crack in the Universe and offers those seeking a deeper understanding of ways to Accept the Truth. Remember to wear a skirt or bring something to wrap about yourself to honor the feminine ancestors who walked before us. We look forward to sitting with each of you. 

Monthly Gathering - Weighs the Truth

  It's time for the Monthly Gathering! This Thursday, March 2, we will meet and share the teachings of Weighs the Truth. As the first signs of spring emerge from the earth, the daffodil offers those willing to take the time to notice their beauty, an opportunity to pause. So Weighs the Truth offers the teaching of how to "accept the truth." This can be tricky since most of us are often too busy to pay attention to what's in front of them. Join us with questions, insights and an open heart as we gather to learn another aspect of the Truth.


  The first Clan Mother Gathering is tomorrow, Feb 2, at 6:30 p.m. We will be exploring the teachings by Jamie Sams of the 13 Original Clan Mothers. It is recommended you read the Clan Mother for the month before each meeting; however, come tomorrow evening, sit and listen to an introduction/summary of what these teachings are all about and then decide if its something you want delve into next month. 
  Out of respect of the tradition, women are asked to wear a skirt or bring a sarong/fabric to wrap around themselves while sitting in circle. There are extra sarongs here if you do not have any or forget. Men as very welcome to attend these Gatherings since the teachings are about understanding how to live in Truth for all people. We would love to see men participate in these teachings!
  If you have any questions, or need directions please send an email to: That is checked more frequently then FB messages. Also, check out the, "This Moon," tab for a summary/overview of the Clan Mother Teachings. 

Welcome 2017!

  Oh my goodness it is amazing to me we are firmly into the year, 2017! Where has 2016 gone? My mother used to tell me the older I get the more quickly the years fly by . . .  she was so very correct! 
  As I enter into 2017 one of my "focal points" is to be more diligent with my website, blog, FB, any thing I currently use as social media. I do not wish to tweet, instagram, snap chat or any other new medium by which to be online; however, it feels important to keep up what is presently in place. 
  What I really, really prefer is a good ole conversation; however, this site is to offer a sneak peak into what Head to Heart Talks is all about . . .  apparently, people prefer to "check out" a person via electronics before speaking to them, and, that's probably a wise decision. So, check out the site, leave a comment or two and by all means send an email if you have questions. 
  One of the first things we have scheduled for this year is a monthly gathering to learn about the 13 Original Clan Mothers as introduced by Jamie Sams. Each month we will get to know the teachings of that specific month's Clan Mother in order to learn more about the Truth. That's right, there are many facets to the Truth that can and will enrich our lives if we will take the time to consider the teachings. Check out the tab, "This Moon" for a summary of each month's Clan Mother, then purchase the book and see if it's something you would like to sit with other folks and discuss. There is no obligation to attend each month, and both men and women are welcome to attend. (The Truth does not have a gender preference!) We will gather the first Thursday of each month from 6:30 - 8. 
  There you have it, a welcome to 2017 and to the creation of whatever your heart desires. It is our hope to help you gain clarity by becoming aware of the manner in which your head and heart communicate. That's about it for now. Whatever you wish for your year, let's make 2017 one to remember! 

The "warmth" of Fall

Fall is in full swing; the colors are breathtakingly beautiful, leaves abound covering Earth Mother and a chill is in the air. It is heart warming to smell and feel the richness of this time of year as the farmers harvest the fruits of their labor and prepare the land for winter's rest. So too, my heart prepares for the cold weather and quiet serenity of winter's arrival and I am offered the opportunity to harvest the richness of family gatherings that warms my heart. Fall offers a reminder that much like the various colors, shapes and size of leaves, that when bound together create a masterpiece of beauty, our diverse families and friends offer the same work of art. Ahh, how Fall warms my heart . . . I simply adore it!

Fall into Autumn

  It is officially the Fall season! Time for farmers to gather their crops, gardeners to clean up and prepare the ground for Winter's rest, and an opportunity for each of us to take inventory of our abundance. Autumn has always been my favorite time of year as the busyness of spring and summer culminate into the harvesting of the growing season. Sweatshirts, bonfires, cool nights and the blazing colors of leaves offer one the opportunity to truly appreciate the richness of nature's beauty. 
  Some approach Fall as a reminder Winter is just around the corner and therefore, miss the opportunity to fully appreciate the settling into the quiet, peaceful season of Winter.  It seems to me Fall gives everyone a chance to begin the process of slowing down physical activities and welcome in the retreat into our homes. With Fall comes the opportunity to slow our pace to one that allows us to "stay put" and complete projects that have gathered on our work benches for a "stay at home" day. 
  For this lady, I am most grateful for the approaching beauty of Autumn that helps my body and heart know there's a slowing down just around the corner, and, that there will be more opportunity to get back to things I love to do in the peaceful serenity of my home. Yep, this Yankee loves the change of seasons and the constant reminder that everything is constantly growing, dying off and regrowing into whatever I choose life to be. It warms my heart to know that if things seem boring, all I have to do is dream something new and Earth Mother offers me the opportunity to change and shift whatever needs moved or given away, to be presented to someone else who just may be seeking what has already served me. Here's to Autumn and the "Falling" away of things in order for new dreams, experiences and adventures to be created!

Co-Creating a Life

  As I consider how quickly June is moving toward July, I am reminded how life flows in the same manner. We get up each day, do whatever routine we have to get prepared for a new day, then go about completing the tasks on our magical "list!" As we check mark what is completed, we add to the list something else that gets our attention. At the end of the day we gather our "tools," head home with thoughts of what we will make for dinner, what needs attention in the evening in order to prepare to snuggle into our beds to rest, get up the next day and start the process all over again. It is an endless stream of "to-do's!"
  As the sunny days of June warm our bodies, the dreams we squirreled away in winter often nudge us into action. With the excitement of outdoor activities, family gatherings, vacations and the endless stream of weeds in both our yard and gardens, we often find ourselves remembering the simpler times of our youth. Maybe it's the soreness of muscles we haven't used all winter, but memories of the long days of summer activities filled with Popsicles, bike riding, swimming holes, ice cream trucks fireflies, and the surprise rashes from the abundance of poison ivy all remind us of the carefree times of youth.  Sweaty, sunburn bodies remind those of us that live in the north to cease the moment! 
  As we move into the fullness of summer, July brings the thrill of fireworks, picnics and the warmth in our hearts that comes from being reminded what a privilege it is to live in a free country. May the closing of June move each of us to a place that really truly allows us to take the time to pause and reflect on what our thoughts, words and actions add to the world. Let's be honest, talks cheap, it is easy to point the finger at the person who talks the loudest; however, it is in the quiet, subtle, often overlooked actions of those that truly desire peace to really bring to light the realization that we DO co-create life. IF we want more peace, we have to be more peaceful within ourselves and through our actions. IF we truly respect our nation, it will be evidenced in how we talk about our leaders, our neighbors, ourselves. 
  Here's a challenge for the remainder of June, take the time to put on your to-do list some specific things you can do to make your community what you want to see our nation be, and then make a commitment to do your best to check those things off your list each day. I will wager those that take this challenge will find July an even more heart-felt month. 

P.S. By coincidence, check out the Moon tab and read about Loves All things. You just might find it quite interesting!  

"Thanks for the Memories!"

  The Indy 500 and Memorial weekend have been a matched pair for over a hundred years. This year signifies the 100th running of the race, although there were several years when historical events prevented its running. Most Hoosiers are loyal, simple, yet diverse people and their love and faith in country and family is immeasurable by any standards. 
  This year, for the first time the race has been sold out, it seems more than Hoosiers will be celebrating this event! For the past 100 days a local TV station has recalled a year at the close of each broadcast. It has been such a sweet trip down memory lane for more then just the race. Observing the clothing styles, historical buildings, type of automobiles on the streets all stimulated memories of the tremendous growth and change heralded in over the past 100 years. 
  Throughout each daily segment, there was also a reference to the military members that served and protected our treasured freedoms. It was a heart-warming, tear felt memory of the sacrifices made by those that walked before us, and a reminder to never take our freedoms for granted. 
  As the industrial revolution and modernization of new technologies made way for sky scrapers, mass transportation and super highway. The busyness and mobility of life has shape-shifted our families bringing the suburbs to meet the city limits. It is, indeed, a sight to behold to see familiar farm lands of the past now yield crops of mass housing. 
  Through this daily recounting of the past 100 years it has warmed my heart to witness how the unyielding faith and love of family contributes to the basic "good ole' boy" beliefs that one's word is their bond, a handshake seals the deal and a hand up is always available. This Hoosier is grateful for the memories that whatever current events and conflicts may be happening, the basic goodness of people will prove that loyalty and faith are more than just words.  

Healing Circle

 Welcome to Spring, and, to all the new growth bursting forth everywhere! Ah, what a delight to see color return to the land; it makes my heart happy to feel the liveness all around. 
 Please check out the new Healing Circle tab for yet more opportunities to live your life with purpose and passion. We also updated the other tabs with some "fresh" words, thoughts, insights and welcome your comments and/or questions. It is time for the aliveness within each of us that has germinated during the retreat of winter to be brought forth to the rest of the world. If you need assistance with tapping that "within place" now is a good time to contact us to see how we may be of service. 
 We live in the world together, let's "begin within" to find the peace and harmony we want to see more of in the world!

Love and forgiveness

  It has been said that to forgive someone is to set yourself free. Of recent I have learned some more of what that actually means. It is one thing for you to forgive someone, and quite another to be the one asking for forgiveness. In the first scenario you must have done some work with your heart to know precisely what hurt was buried deep within it. You have to be strong enough and allow yourself to be vulnerable to trust someone to help you really get to know what situation is the culprit of the pain or dis-ease in your heart. That takes a lot of courage and a great deal of personal strength because most of us would prefer to ignore or disregard the event that created the hurt. Most of us are kind and loving individuals and the last thing we want to do is to cause someone else to feel the pain we do. At least that is what I have observed about myself and most people I know.
  In the second scenario you have to be very strong, not take things personal, and be willing to take responsibility for your actions rather than try to explain or make excuses for what you have done. With that said, sometimes what we have done was the best choice we had at the time of the situation. Tough situations generally occur when we are at our lowest time ... when we have made several attempts to remedy a concern that requires cooperation from the other party to truly resolve. And, everyone knows you can only control your actions, you certainly cannot make someone do something they do not want to do ... and so you take an action in hopes it remedies the situation.
  In both scenarios resolving a conflict and/or past hurt can only happen when each person is willing to take responsibility for his or her actions ... then and only then can true forgiveness be asked for and/or given. It all begins with looking within our hearts and being brave enough to listen to the whispers that ask to be brought to the light. That light is unconditional love, and that is what sets each party free. Words without true heart-felt forgiveness keep the unforgiving party enslaved to the situation. It is the party willing to examine his or her part in the past situation and take responsibility for the effects it had on the other person, despite our best intentions, that offers true unconditional love that can set both ourself and the other party free. 
  My heart wishes that when such unconditional love and personal responsibility is offered the other party accepts it and allows his or her heart to heal. However, I have learned I do not have that much power to make that happen. I can only accept my part and pray for the heart of the one needing or asking for forgiveness to receive my love, take it into his or her heart and allow the action to heal. That is my prayer, that is what I hold onto so that my heart and the heart of the one I love may be free to add more love to the world.