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Facebook your customers

14% of people trust advertisements by businesses.

78% trust friend recommendations.

Why not leverage that statistic? Get your customers to post messages about your business on Facebook in exchange for "stuff".

See it in action with GoWags Baseball Training Center in Mechanicsburg, PA.

A Real Life Example

So your a small business and you're wondering how to use Let's say your business's name is the Brewhouse Grille and you want to promote your microbrews or certain menu items.

No problem. Simply craft a special message that does just that.

Then...use your PayMeWithAPost URL to send customers to that page.

It's that easy. Sign up now at

Back To Basics

My conversation with a national ice cream chain regarding

"We want to get back to basics and focus on execution. We're not sure if this type of technology ( fits into our plans for next year."

Ok. I understand. Execution is important. Very important. But...It's a copout.

You don't know what you don't know.

Have you taken the time to understand how can hold your staff accountable? Have you taken the time to understand how can hold your owner accountable? After all, without accountability, execution is...the same thing you've always done.

Using QR Codes To Determine if Facebook Posts Still Exist allows businesses to "build" messages that customers can post to their Facebook page in exchange for goods and services.

Here's the dilemma. When they want to redeem their "stuff", how do you determine if the Facebook post still exists. After all, if they delete the post as soon as it's posted, it's not worth anything to the business anymore. The business has lost the advertising.

Enter qr codes. Many are using qr codes for marketing purposes. That's great. But, qr codes can do much, much more. Here's how it works:

1. When the user posts to Facebook, grab the Facebook post id. Every Facebook post has a unique id used to identify the post.
2. Using the API dynamically create a shortened URL to your "processing page", passing the post id via a querystring.
3. The API also allows you to create a qr code with the URL simply by appending ".qrcode" to the end of the shortened URL. This qr code is an image and will be added to the html email sent to the customer.
4. When the customer brings the email to redeem their "stuff", you will be scanning a URL with the facebook post id as a querystring. Using the Facebook Graph API, you can then determine if the post still exists.

If you are a developer and would like more information, please email me at

Early Adopters

Paying for goods or services with a Facebook post is an idea so simple, it begs the question, "Why isn't everyone doing this?"

I suppose it has more to do with the life cycle of innovation or the life cycle of technology. Many times, an ideas adoption has more to do with social convention than merit. This image illustrates.

If you're a small business looking to jump start your marketing efforts with minimal cost, what do you have to lose? It's really quite straight forward. Build messages that you want your customers to post on their facebook pages. Enter products and / or services that you are willing to exchange for the message (along with how many friends they must have to get your stuff). That's it. Your customers are doing your marketing for you!

Social Currency

Have you seen those commercials that reference social currency?

I'm not exactly sure what they are in reference to, but I know you can't purchase "stuff" with it. I've been working on this app for some time now and I had an opportunity to show it to a pretty astute friend. He said, "you have the real social currency!"..."You're using someone's Facebook friend count as their currency."

He's right. With this app, businesses can list the products they are willing to exchange for a flattering Facebook post and the required amount of Facebook friends a user must have to "get it". After all, what good does it do a business if someone has 3 Facebook friends. Not much advertising there.

So take a minute and explore the app with actual social currency.


This idea of "paying" customers to post flattering messages about your business in exchange for products and services... It certainly seems logical. Businesses value a flattering post and customers value your "stuff". Why not reward them if they are willing to advertise for you.

It's almost like...Why didn't anyone else think of that? I suppose the devil is in the details.

Sure they can post stuff about you, but how does a business keep track of it all? How does a business know that the post wasn't immediately deleted? How does a business analyze the posts for effectiveness?

Enter Pay Me With A Post.

The system does all that and more! And for "peanuts" compared to traditional marketing programs.

Evolution of Payment

A new form of payment is on the horizon.