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Installed Selenium
Installed Java 8.1
Created a project called java-selenium-framework
Created a project called java-selenium-framework-tests
Setup TestNG
Setup jUnit
Migrated old java-selenium-framework project
Wrote virtual functional tests for the framework
Wrote functional tests for WebLink sites


Sample data for Weblink Local Listing Levels.
Setting to hide the right column of Weblink Local.
Audited AdKeywords for all Clients.
Updated WC_Banners with updated banner adkeyword aliases.
Browser compatibility notifications.
Error on Profile Merge:  OrgName is blank string.
Hide banners on Listing, Map, Directions pages of Directory.
Half Moon Bay - add email to analytics account.
Naples Directory showing invalid license key.
Phone call with Benji on NCSG/CSIA footer.
Persist changes between EventItem and Event javascript view models.
Assisted Erie, PA with their Weblink Local setup.
Assisted Phoenix, AZ with their Weblink Local setup.
Answered HTML editor question.
Assisted Baker County, OR with their Weblink Local setup.
Fixed the banner2 location in Rutherford's Weblink Local.
Fixed application error in Distance Search.
Started work on configurable master pages.
Increased the logo image size on Catalina's Weblink Local.
Wrote unit tests for Config Settings.


Javascript ViewModel for Event Item.
Kendo UI dropdown and grid for Event Item Affiliation Codes.
Kendo UI dropdown and grid for Event Item CEUs.
Javascript toggle display fuctions for ViewModel base.
Javascript toggle checkbox functions for ViewModel base.
Fixed binding issues on Edit Event item view.
Created gateway methods for Affiliation Codes and CEUs.
Implemented 124 masterpages for Clients needing new Weblink Local Version.
Created Generic Banner Ad control for backwards compatibility of older banner names.
Updated banner control for backwards compatibility of older banner adkeywords.


Server timeout issues on MACC and Half Moon Bay.
Virtual Path:  Org Name and Category Name compatibility for @%^#+
Advanced Search:  Keyword search compatibility for @%^#+
Weblink Local:  Keyword search results:  Decode characters in page title.
BugFix:  Ankeny Mobile Web App banner ad not displaying.


Ankeny 300x600 Banner.
Fixed issue with the Google Maps on Ankeny.
KendoComboBox Profile Search widget.
Added "full site" link to Mobile Web App.
Pulled shared methods out of the Weblink_DataStrucutre.WC_ConfigSetting model.
Compatibility for Mobile Web App white backgrounds.
Fixed CWT website build.
Job Bank updates
-  Afflist for Referring organization.
-  "Apply indirectly through...." email address should use Config Setting email.


KendoComboBox Profile Search widget.
Compiled files for Alpha to Beta slice.


KendoComboBox Profile Search widget.
ConfigSettings for Directory Banners Height, Width, Visibility.


Created method for WC_ProfileManager.GetProfileKeywordQuickSearchNameValue.
Updated WC_ProfileManger.GetProfileReportNewsKeywordQuickSearchResults to use new method.
Unit tests.
Added Search by Address and Search by Email and Search by OrgName.
Compiled list of web files for 13.1 Release.
Meeting with NCSG.
Meeting with Brooklyn.


13.1 Release files audit.
NCSG Mobile Directory search - released latest files.
Updated logic for Directory keyword search.
-  "cabinet" returning "cabin", "lodging", "hotel", "motel", etc.
-  "taxi" returning "tax", "accounting", etc.
-  "court" should return "legal", etc.
-  "attorney" should return "legal", etc.
-  "lawyer" should return "legal", etc.
-  "sports" should return "fitness", etc.
Started on KendoComboBox Profile lookup.


Profile Merge - First Name/Last Name fix.
Profile Merge - Default address missing fix.
Smart Client Master Page.
Related Profiles in Directory.
Image upload control on Config Settings Editor.
Brooklyn Job Bank.


Brooklyn Job Bank testing.
Brooklyn Job Bank call.
Oshawa - Address not showing on Listing Details page.


Fixed issue on Membership App where First and Last Names were being set on Org Profiles causing the profile to be created as an Individual.
Brooklyn Job Bank updates and testing.
Config Settings editor image upload control.


Fixed issue creating default address with new Profile Manager.

Beta merge of Brooklyn Job Bank code.
Beta merge of fix for Listings with quotes in the OrgName.
Beta merge of update to the Portal Login - property to not use cookies.
Fixing bug in Web Input Profile Creation where Merged OrgProfiles are being set as Individuals.


Updated LinkChecker with links to ?ClearCache and ListingDetails.
Fixed issue with image upload on Config Settings Editor RadUpload control.
Setup San Jose Directory with the latest version.


Property to not use cookies for Portal Login.
Updated Session for Portal Login.
Fix for Encryption method to never return Numeric values.
Fix for Portal Querystring hacking.
Unit tests and Load test for WC_EncryptionManager.
Unit tests for WC_ListingManager.
Unit tests for WC_GeoLocationManager.
Unit test for WC_JobApplicationManager.


Handle Semi-Colons and Quotation Marks in Virtual Paths.
HTML Editor on Directory Header Text Config Setting.
BugFix for Application error when MasterPage has no page title and no Directory parameters are passed to the page.
Added rel='external' to the Mobile Web App Social Media Icons.
Created a list of update files for 12.12.
Update to the WC_WebInput3 stored proceedure.
Updated Lat and Long on Profile Save to not save if no address is available.


Fixed a Crystal Report for Related Profiles.

Created a story to add Related Org and Ind Profiles to the Directory Results and Details Pages.  Needed for CSIA, Kelowna, Victoria, and more.
Worked on the Brooklyn Job Bank.
Added Config Settings for "Show Fax" and "Show Website"to the Business Directory Results page.
Configured the Epic Toledo Directory for Chris S.
Changed the behavior of the Search button in the Mobile Web App Distance Search per NCSG's request.
Deployed files to NRI so they could have the Web Based HTML Editor.
Updated Config Settings on Rockford.


Created stories for several Urgent Business Needs.
Helped Chris S with the Hagerstown go live.
Helped Brendon with site indexing issues.
Fixed a Job Listing on Commerce Lexington causing an Application error.
Worked on Job Bank Bug Fixes.
Quickly fixed an NCSG Mobile Web App licensing issue.


Prepared a list of files for the 12.12 Directory and Mobile Web App release.
Prepared testing considerations documentation for the 12.12 release.
Selectively merged Directory and Mobile Web App files for the 12.12 release.
Fixed some Categories and OrgNames on Long Beach causing Application errrors.
Created a story to block SQL injection attempts on the WebContent.aspx page.
Started work on bugfixes for the Brooklyn Job Bank.


Turned off form input validation on the ConfigSettings editor.
Added logic to show the Header Text above the input boxes on the Search page.
Updated Visual Studio 2012 and windows.
Added logic to hide/show Categories dropdown on the /search page.
Fixed a bug where Listings get sorted to the top of the results if they do not have a Sort Order specified.
Started work on a fix for the bug where the image file upload does not work on the Config Setting editor.
Activated the new Green Hotels page on Vermont.


Added images and settings to the Mobile Web App for lock icon and gradient backgrounds.
Added SocialMediaIcons control to all non-details pages of the Mobile Web App.
Created a View My CEUs mobile page for NCSG.
Updated settings for the three custom Directories on NCSG and CSIA.
General CSS and HTML styling for NCSG and CSIA mobile Web Content records.
Updated Config Settings Editor to open collapsed.
Added a Config Setting for Kelowna and NCSG to hide the Category dropdown.
Moved Directory header text above the Search fields.
Fixed an issue on Benji's test Directories where the SQL for the /search pages was timing out.
Increased the character count limit on the Header Text Config Setting.


Distance Search fix on NCSG Virtual Suppliers Directory.
Setup password protected pages on NCSG and CSIA Custom Mobile Web Apps.
Added Config Settings for Mobile OrgName, YouTube, LinkedIn, Blogger, Wordpress.
Created a Mobile Distance Search product.


Update Mobile Web App to use the latest Product License Manager.
Mobile Web Content List control.
NCSG/CSIA meeting.


Mobile Web Content List Control.
Salem Beta Testing 12.12 Directory files.
Added Canadian formatting to the Advanced Search page.
Added all Weblink Clients to the Weblink Local Changeover documentation.
Set a default border color for Listings when Header is white.
Fixed "Website" search on Advanced Search control.
NCSG Updates.
CSIA Updates.
Salem Updates.


Updated Related Profiles SQL for XML API.
Created a Custom Affiliation List page for Vermont's Green Hotels page.
Fixed a Latitude and Longitude for a Listing on CSIA.
Cape Coral was having an Activation error on the Mobile Web App due to a customized .aspx page.
CSIA and NCSG custom Mobile Web Apps.