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Friday family photo--Thanksgiving past

1971 birthdays/Thanksgiving



Thankful the president isn't Clinton

The Democrats will continue to drag us kicking and screaming into some wasteland of Marxist gulag, but I think it has been slowed down just a bit. And maybe that little girl who survives the abortion mill will someday be president of the United States. Hollywood and academe still have conservatives locked out, and they are huge forces in the culture.

Washington Post throws a bone occasionally on the Opinion Page (8 out of 9 news articles are anti-Trump--it's owned by Jeff Bezos). This article brings out the big benefits, like the courts, that we have with President Trump.

"While the Supreme Court only hears about 80 cases a year, the federal appeals courts get final say on about 60,000 — and because Democrats ended the filibuster, they can’t stop Trump from filling those courts with conservative legal rock stars. The Senate has already confirmed eight of Trump’s nine appellate nominees — the most this early in a presidency since Richard Nixon – and Trump will appoint plenty more before his first term expires."

Also, Paris Climate agreement, freeing Americans in foreign prisons, putting some teeth into that red line Obama drew, EPA walk backs, removing shackles from the military, standing up to North Korea, and improvement over the softy and mushy Obama approach to foreign religions.

Build a salad

Although I'm not employed, I do volunteer. Here's how to take a salad to work. Put the dressing on the bottom of a plastic bowl that has a tight lid (some people use glass jars). Then add the heaviest, least absorbent vegetables, washed and sliced so you don't have to wrestle with it in view of everyone. Put chopped lettuce on that, then either the meat/fish, nuts or cheese. Seal and keep upright if possible. Shake briefly before opening. Today I used a vegetable salad mix with beets, carrots and kale. So I zapped that a few minutes in the microwave to make it more manageable--also makes the nutrients more available. Now I'm hungry.

Critical theory

Let's not be naïve about the Black Lives Matter movement, the Snowflakes seeking safe places so they don't have to hear conservative ideas, the Occupiers of a few years ago, and the anthem protests by millionaires. This is not about ignorance, they don't need to be educated.  It's a form of mind control called "critical theory," and that's just dressing up the so-called educated for a party, Marxism. It's effective in societies that don't have a poor working class to riot like the late 1890s or early 20th century.
Your children's teachers were educated in the 80s or 90s when critical theory was usually just literature and history being "deconstructed," and those people had as their faculty a few years before, the radicals of the 1960s and 1970s who enjoyed the sexual revolution, awakening feminism along with the Viet Nam War protests.
Explaining that slavery existed since the dawn of time, or that free American blacks owned slaves, or that the founding fathers developed a truly revolutionary society unknown to the world controlled by church, kings and dictators, or that one can't change his biological sex, or that capitalism has set millions free from thousands of years of poverty, or that climate has been changing for millions of years is not going to work. (Although I will continue to blog about it.) Not even going to "work" after they leave campus is going to work, because their CEOs and managers have absorbed the same distorted view of history, literature, politics and biology.
The purpose of critical theory (aka Marxism) is to rip apart the fabric of our society--beginning with the family, moving on up through business and employment, and to the government at all levels--your school board, city council, state legislature, the House, Senate, Executive and Judiciary, and yes, the military. And once the movement has stripped everyone under 50 of all their values, beliefs, faith and honor, they stand naked before the firing squad.

Just a Christmas cold?

I haven’t seen Elizabeth in probably 40 years—our husbands were co-workers and we’d chat at the office family Christmas parties with all the kids hanging on to us.  But we reconnected on Facebook.  Last week we had to cancel an invitation because my husband got a cold, and we decided not to “share.” Today I noticed this on Elizabeth’s FB page—the story of a Christmas cold and how she lost her voice—maybe permanently.

“ This is how it started: a guest brought a cold to a Christmas Eve party three winters ago and I caught it. I had never had a sinus infection or pneumonia before but knew something wasn't right because my chest would do this weird bubbling sensation when I exhaled. Right after New Year's Day I went to see my primary care doctor about it and he misdiagnosed the pneumonia as acid reflux. I was left untreated until right after Valentine's Day when it finally got so bad I was having serious trouble breathing. I finally hit bottom and was taken to a hospital emergency room by emergency squad. At the hospital I was given the chest x-ray I should have gotten weeks before and they diagnosed double pneumonia. I was treated there with a nebulizer and given a prescription for an antibiotic, slowly recovered, but my lungs were permanently damaged by then and I have never been the same since. After another trip to the emergency room for breathing problems a year later (emphysema was diagnosed from a CT Scan) I was referred to a pulmonologist.

The first medication I was put on was a Breo inhaler daily; it worked for the most part but eventually caused thrush to grow on my vocal chords--a common side-effect with the use of a steroid inhaler; we are told to rinse our mouths after use to keep that from happening but we can't rinse down far enough to reach the vocal chords. I was recently treated with Diflucan, an antifungal, told to stop using the Breo inhaler and was switched to something else, but it did not bring my voice back.

I also have ulcers on my vocal chords. In late July/early August a guest brought a coughing/sore throat virus and I caught it. The virus, because my immune response was compromised due to the Breo, pushed things over the edge and caused me to lose my voice; it has never come back. It may never come back so I am more-or-less a mime now.”

From vice to substance abuse disorder in 100 years

JAMA (Oct. 24/31, 2017) had an interesting opinion piece, "A death in the family" about a doctor who overdosed on fentanyl. It was a tragedy for his colleagues, family, friends, and thousands of future patients who will never benefit from his skill. But it was also a tragedy for the English language and our search for someone to blame. "Overdose on fentanyl?" "substance abuse disorder?" "stress and burnout?"
Remember when poverty was blamed for drug use--it was a ghetto problem? Remember when it was the pathology of the black family and its roots in slavery? Remember when it was poor parenting and kids hadn't been raised right? Or, they just need Jesus? Or going way back, remember when opium was blamed on "vice" (i.e. Asians)? Or today's news--the drug lords (Mexican gangs)?
30 years ago when I was employed at the vet college I learned that veterinarians had a higher suicide rate than physicians, and women higher (in attempts) than men, but the reasons given were different; the grief and sadness the same.
I certainly don't have the answers, but then, neither has anyone else the last 50-60 years, and that's small comfort.

This article contains a good list.

Partial view of the JAMA article.

The best advice you'll get on gratitude

Dennis Prager's Prager U. videos are the best.

Grateful people can change the world.

Will there really be more jobs with a tax cut?

You are right to be suspicious.  Look what we were told about Obamacare and saving money and keeping our doctors.  But Tax Foundation has crunched some numbers (for the Senate plan) and says yes, but it depends on your state. Stock market went crazy with the news Thursday—not sure that’s more jobs however.  Ohio already apparently has an unfriendly tax climate—I think we’re something like 45th and Illinois is 46th—not a good place to be.  Tax Foundation estimates 35,063 jobs and $2,375 after tax income in Ohio.  For Illinois 38,465 jobs and $2,701 after tax income. A lot more is involved, however.  We all know Mt. Morris jobs didn’t go to Thailand, they went to states in southern USA or to Rockford.

In this example of 9 different filers some get more than others, but the only ones losing are a married couple, Laura and Seth (one earner), with 2 children earning $2 million. Of the nine examples, they have the highest income.  The one who gains the most is the single guy (Jason) earning $52,000.  Of course, if single guy Jason had some children and a wife, he’d be getting EITC and the government would be paying him a bonus of about $6,000.  But only tax payers are covered in this example of 9 households, not the 49% who don’t pay any federal income tax. 

Democrats of course will point out the gap between $52,000 and $2,000,000 not the change in what each household pays.

The harassment payout

Congress Spent $17 Million Paying For Its Sexual Harassment Settlements

Friday family photo--life expectancy and risk

But it's cold outside.
A recent article in Circulation by researchers at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and Brigham and Women’s Hospital "found that more moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity -such as brisk walking - was associated with roughly a 60 percent to 70 percent lower risk of death at the end of the study among the most active women, compared to the least active."  Suggested even once a week could make a difference.  So I dug out my winter coat and took a one mile walk in the neighborhood.

I'm not good at math. I was born in 1939 and female life expectancy was 65.4. Then came vaccines and antibiotics. Now I'm 78 and life expectancy for someone my age is about 88-89 (the age at which my parents died). So if I'm reducing the risk of early death by walking where do I start (or end)?

You can tell this photo was taken in my husband's office, all the pencils are lined up. You can't even see the top of the desk in my office.

Will this tax plan actually create jobs?

You are right to be suspicious.  Look what we were told about Obamacare and saving money and keeping our doctors.  But Tax Foundation has crunched some numbers (for the Senate plan) and says yes, but it depends on your state. Stock market went crazy with the news yesterday—not sure that’s more jobs, however.  Ohio already has an unfriendly tax climate—I think we’re something like 45th and Illinois is 46th—not a good place to be.  Tax Foundation estimates 35,063 jobs and $2,375 after tax income in Ohio.  For Illinois 38,465 jobs and $2,701 after tax income. A lot more is involved, however.  We all know Mt. Morris jobs didn’t go to Thailand, they went to states in southern USA or to Rockford.
In this example of 9 different filers some get more than others but the only ones losing are a married couple Laura and Seth (one earner) with 2 children earning $2 million. Of the nine examples, they have the highest income.  The one who gains the most is the single guy (Jason) earning $52,000.  Of course, if single guy Jason had some children and a wife, he’d be getting EITC and the government would be paying him a bonus of about $6,000.  But only tax payers are covered in this example of 9 households, not the 49% who don’t pay any federal income tax. 
Democrats, of course, will point out the gap between $52,000 and $2,000,000 not the change in what each household pays.



The Train, author unknown

THE TRAIN: At birth we boarded the train and met our parents, and we believe they will always travel by our side. As time goes by, other people will board the train; and they will be significant i.e. our siblings, friends, children, and even the love of your life. However, at some station our parents will step down from the train, leaving us on this journey alone. Others will step down over time and leave a permanent vacuum.

Some, however, will go so unnoticed that we don't realize they vacated their seats. This train ride will be full of joy, sorrow, fantasy, expectations, hellos, goodbyes, and farewells. Success consists of having a good relationship with all passengers requiring that we give the best of ourselves.

The mystery to everyone is: We do not know at which station we ourselves will step down. So, we must live in the best way, love, forgive, and offer the best of who we are. It is important to do this because when the time comes for us to step down and leave our seat empty we should leave behind beautiful memories for those who will continue to travel on the train of life.

I wish you all a joyful journey.

I've seen this essay and some similar attributed to various people; at this point I don't know who the author is.

49% of Americans pay no federal income tax

Some of them are very wealthy, and therefore aren't employed. They let their wealth work for them. Or they create non-profits with their wealth and contribute to them. But most are on the receiving end.

A worker with a stay at home spouse and 4 children, might earn $50,000/year and receive a check from the government instead of owing--Earned Income Tax Credit. That worker is better off than someone earning $65,000 and paying taxes. It keeps people in the low income bracket.

Our tax system is called "progressive," not in the political sense, but in economic. The more you earn, the higher your rate of taxes. The top quintile is paying for the rest of us. Democrats lie in spirit when they whine that the breaks go to the richest in the new tax plan. The wealthy are paying more than their fair share because of this progressive system.

The top 1% of Americans, who have an average income of more than $2.1 million, pay 43.6% of all the federal individual income tax in the U.S.; the top 0.1% — just 115,000 households, whose average income is more than $9.4 million — pay more than 20% of it. (Market Watch, 2016) Tell me what is fair about 1% paying 43.6%. But it is progressive. Tax Foundation uses different figures--not sure why these figures never match, but the outcome remains the same, the more you make, the more you pay for it. It's the American way.

More babies, longer life span?  The Journals of Gerontology: Series A, Volume 61, Issue 2, 1 February 2006, Pages 190–195

I came across an interesting article on using the genealogies of Old Order Amish to see how parity affected life span. Having a lot of children seems to affect both the life span of the father and the mother. Only after 14 (!) children do the pregnancies have an adverse affect on the Amish mother.  You’d have to read it and look up a few words (like parity—means number of deliveries) The advantage that I see in using genealogical records instead of medical records is it ended in 1912, before our current era of modern medicine.

So is it good genes, later menopause therefore affecting life span, or maybe having enough children around to work on the farm and take care of you in your old age? Since the majority of Americans lived on farms before the 20th c. I doubt it is any of today's concerns about diet, GMO, gluten and pesticides.

My genealogy has many Mennonites, some Old Order and some Old Order Brethren, some River Brethren but not sure about Old Order Amish. So far I haven't found another article on health among Old Order sects in American culture, but they are probably out there. You only have to look at a 18th-20th c. genealogies to see the longevity.

If you are related to me on my mother's side, her grandparents were Wengers. There is a database of of Hans and Hannah Wenger, 474,000 - 496,000 names (depending on update) of individuals, mostly descended from 18th century Mennonites, River Brethren (Brethren in Christ) and German Baptist Brethren who settled in Lancaster, Lebanon and Franklin Counties, Pennsylvania, in Ontario, Canada and in Washington Co. Maryland and Botetourt Co. Virginia. In the 1800s a number of the families moved to Darke Co. and Montgomery Co. Ohio and to Iowa, Indiana and Kansas. In the early 1900s there was continued migration to Upland, Calif. and Modesto, Calif.

Women who abort have higher death rates

Within the first 180 days, the risk of death from any cause is over twice as high following abortion compared to that following delivery. The risk of early death remains elevated for at least ten years.
Both abortion and miscarriage are linked to elevated mortality rates, but the effect is more strongly associated with induced abortions.
The largest portion of premature deaths following pregnancy loss are due to suicides, accidents, homicides, and some natural causes, such as circulatory disease, which are known to be associated with stress.

Some awards are just appeals for sales

GQ, a magazine that is aimed at the "metrosexual" narcissistic male, has awarded Colin Kaepernick "Citizen of the Year" award.  Who knew a fashion rag had so much political savvy?

Some magazines will do anything to attract advertising. Founded in 1931 it is a fashion magazine promoting metrosexuality for "narcissistic young men sporting fashionable clothes and accessories." It shows men wearing clothes and women mostly not wearing them. There is a Russian edition. Hmmm.
"J.J. Watt is a superhuman. What he does on the field, like playing despite having a bone in his finger cut through his skin, is evidence of such. But it's his recent off-the-field efforts to aid victims of Hurricane Harvey that has elevated him to legendary status. 
The three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year launched a fund on to raise money for victims of Hurricane Harvey on Aug. 26 with an initial goal of $200,000. At the time, that seemed like a sizable yet attainable goal. In hindsight, perhaps Watt (and the rest of us) underestimated humanity's goodwill and willingness to help others in need."

November is prematurity awareness month

Someone asked me nicely if I could share that November is prematurity awareness month. At first I thought she meant old too soon, ;-)  but no, it's about premature babies.

"Mama B. Designs is official partners of March of Dimes, a foundation that funds lifesaving research-giving every baby a fighting chance. A substantial 50% of every item sold goes to the organization. Premature birth is the #1 killer in babies 0-5."

Forget Russia. What about the U.S.A.

Let's forget Russia, Russia, Russia for the moment. “They’re here in large numbers, actively trying to penetrate a whole host of sectors—government, industry, and academia.” according to a Obama official in 2016 as reported in the New Yorker. Going on for over a decade--that'd be Bush and Obama. "After neglecting the Russian threat for a decade, the U.S. was caught flat-footed by Moscow’s election operation. Now, officials are scrambling to figure out how to contain a sophisticated intelligence network that’s festered and strengthened at home after years’ worth of inattention." (Politico)

If destroying patriotism and love of country were the goal, the Russians succeeded in academe and the entertainment culture with a heavy boost from the Democrats who failed to see the problem, then added to it.

But then. How much interfering does the USA do in the cultures and elections and businesses of other countries? You know, like Bill and Melinda Gates and birth control? Or big pharma testing its products on brown and black babies? Or removing DDT from the tool box to defeat malaria as demanded by liberals of the 1970s? Or helping with the funding of preferred candidates in Kenya or Egypt or eliminating the leaders like Muammar al-Qaddafi’s regime by Obama? Department of State AID for agriculture? It's endless. We have military bases all over the world through "treaties" and "trade agreements." That's not interfering?

A successful trip to Asia by President Trump

I was happy to see the President wrap up his trip with a visit in the Phillipines. Filipino Americans are an amazing group--second highest income group in the U.S. just behind Indian-Americans. And Filipinos live all over the world, yet remain loyal to their family homeland and culture. When we ate at a restaurant in Madrid, our waitress was Filipino--spoke good English. Our daughter manages the office for a doctor who is Filipino American. There was a Filipino-American couple on our trip to Scotland--they'd met when both worked in the Middle East.

All the links from the MSM are negative or disparaging.  They haven't learned a thing since the election a year ago.

I wonder if the President was served Spam?

Going around--don't know source of why Hillary lost, but I've heard them all

"I still haven’t figured out why Hillary lost.

C. S. Lewis’ son Douglas Gresham

Douglas Gresham being interviewed about his step-father, C.S. Lewis:  “I mean, for Jack (Lewis) to even imagine a world in which millions upon millions of babies are slaughtered before they’re even born, simply because they’re too young to defend themselves, that sort of horror Jack would have attributed to hell, not to earth at all. So I think he’d find it difficult to live in today’s world as many of us who care about people and care about the world do. But it’s difficult for me to put words into his mouth, of course, I wouldn’t try to do so.”

Following his mother’s death in 1960 and Lewis’ death in 1963, Douglas and his brother David inherited Lewis’ estate.  Douglas Gresham is an actor, writer, produces films, lives in Malta and is a Christian.  His brother David is an orthodox Jew.  Scroll down for photo of Gresham. “Gresham, though, snorts at the suggestion that his mother damaged Lewis’ friendship with Tolkien. “It never happened,” he says. Gresham says that when he went to visit Lewis in the hospital during his last days, he saw Tolkien. Tolkien told him he could live with him if anything happened to Lewis, Gresham says.”

Fund raising in China

Why was UCLA playing their basketball opener in China (3 players, Freshmen LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley and Jalen Hill were arrested for shoplifting)? To fund raise and promote California.
"Yet lost within that story about their arrest is the even more absurd story about why the UCLA men's basketball team was even in China in the first place — during the heart of their fall academic semester. If we are going to call these basketball players "student-athletes," shouldn't they be in class?

From the standpoint of a college such as UCLA, sending the men's basketball team to China makes business sense. China has one of the world's fastest growing economies, and it serves as a fertile recruiting ground for potential college students. By sending the team to China, UCLA gains the chance to expose a whole generation of young Chinese students to its brand and the opportunity to become Bruins."
"Side bar: NCAA boycotted North Carolina over a proposed 'bathroom bill' because it violated civil rights. NCAA is promoting itself in China, which is outstanding at violating civil rights." (Ty Walikonis)

The hypocrisy stinks like a stopped up toilet in a public restroom. And a smaller dose of stink, other UCLA players caught in crimes in other years got a slap on the wrist. Different standard for athletes who bring in money.

We bought the tickets; we made them rich

For decades the entertainment industry has been pushing and eroding respect for sexuality, parenthood, women, men, children, family, and church, inserting its values into sit-coms, dramas and violent crime shows, until they convinced the world their values were normal. And all along, the men were pawing and raping boys and women, and the females were keeping quiet to protect their careers while performing the roles the men controlled and the women wrote in the screen plays. The industry glorified violence and crime while demanding gun control for the average person. They push dropping pronouns, changing the language and opening bathrooms in the name of "social justice." Sick. Too late now; we bought the tickets, we didn't change the channel, we laughed at their smarmy jokes. We made them rich.

The women blame power imbalance, the men blame their fathers for poor behavior modeling? Richard Dreyfuss calls it flirting and thought it was consensual. She let it go on for decades; I can see why he might get it wrong. So after 40 years of "I am woman hear me roar" it's still all about sex? Apparently, the Marxist message underlying much of the Feminist movement just didn't have much appeal for the ladies.

 The Clinton News Network (CNN) last night at the Pub was featuring Putin and Trump meeting, making a big deal about it instead of pointing out the latest revelations from the entertainment industry, and all the people who knew all about Louis C.K. who could fill Madison Square Garden and masturbate in front of women and make films about 14 year olds and sex. And they all kept quiet while pointing fingers. I guess the late night comedians are not covering it either--comedians need to stick together, plus the Democrat Party hasn't given them the script.

The Jardiance Commercial

Have you seen the Jardiance Commercial called “Big News?” It’s actually quite engaging and I would give it a prize in the ad world (whatever that is). I’d seen it several times in the morning using my exercycle, and finally looked it up.  It begins with a camera crew of 4 strolling in a park, and the 40-something, fashionably gray interviewer with glasses (Jordan Murphy), asking people questions and showing them the ad on his i-pad (which we then also see as though we are there looking over his shoulder). Everyone he interviews is overweight and dressed in oversized clothing—jeans, sweats, slouch caps, sweaters, just the sort of stuff you wear in a park, or to hide the extra pounds. All seemed to be in the 50-60 age range.  The TV ad staff—young black woman assistant and two young white cameraman and sound assistant-- are not overweight and in their 20s.

The ad (on the i-pad) did not say a word about weight.  But it’s all over the ad.  Subtle.  Well played.

Clinton/Comey worse than Watergate

Former Assistant FBI Director James Kallstrom unloaded on James Comey, Robert Mueller, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama Thursday, charging that major crimes "20 times bigger than Watergate" are being swept under the rug while Attorney General Jeff Sessions "is in a coma."
Appearing on Fox News' Varney & Co., Kallstrom told the host that it "was obvious to anybody that knows anything" that former President Barack Obama was not going to let James Comey indict Clinton.
"It turns out -- unfortunately -- he was a political hack," Kallstrom said flatly. "I think he maybe started out in an honorable way. His opinion of himself is sky high --  just an unbelievable guy with just an arrogance about him…. It got him in trouble because I think he thought he was Superman and he found out that he wasn’t."
Kallstrom blamed the Clintons for Comey's descent into hackery.